Meet Takashi

Takashi Ohno is the Hawaii State Representative serving the Nuuanu, Liliha, Alewa Heights district. He currently serves as the Chair of the Committee on Instrastate Commerce. Before elected office, Takashi was a public school teacher that decided that an educator’s voice was needed at the Legislature.

Takashi has wholeheartedly jumped into the work to improve his community and state. From overseeing audits of the DOE to rewarding our best teachers, he has been a strong voice for education. Takashi has worked to reform government and passed legislation to better keep our politicians accountable.

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About Takashi

Takashi developed an interest in government growing up because of his dad’s nightly habit of watching the NewsHour with Jim Lehr. Takashi admired his teachers in school and aspired to become one himself. He studied education at Linfield College and became a public school teacher in Honolulu. The spark that led him to elected office happened during the infamous “Furlough Fridays” debacle. Takashi followed the debate at the state capitol intently, and the more he learned, the more he grew frustrated, and the more he became involved. Takashi successfully ran for office against a long term incumbent and was elected to the Hawaii State House of Representatives in 2012.

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Takashi has been a fresh voice calling for better schools, government efficiency and a 21st century economy in Hawaii. He has passed legislation to provide bonuses to nationally recognized teachers and followed up on audits of the DOE. His first bill to became law mandates our elected politicians disclose their financial interests before the lawmaking session to promote transparency and accountability in government. To keep Hawaii’s cost of living low, Takashi has voted against tax increases and advocated for streamlined government processes. Finally, he has championed new investment into our emerging entrepreneur community to diversify Hawaii’s economy. Takashi believes we expect more from our government and is continuing to work toward a better Hawaii.